Update 4/1/18

Thank you!

Thanks to our property owning ratepayers overwhelming support, the Downtown Tacoma BIA has been renewed for another 10 years. Over 76% of eligible ratepayers responded in support of the petition. The City Council finalized this with the passage of Ordinance No. 28496 on March 27th, 2018. We look forward to another decade of keeping downtown safe, clean & welcoming.

2018 Renewal

The Downtown Tacoma Business Improvement Area [BIA] is in its 30th year of operation. It has dramatically improved the cleanliness of the area, directly impacted the lowering of the crime rate within the BIA borders and protected and enhanced property values. The BIA has a ten-year sunset to give ratepayers a chance to decide whether it is a valuable program which should be continued. Now is that decision time.

Below is the renewal petition, a prospectus describing our past and future work, and a petition signature card. To continue the program of security, cleaning, and marketing, a majority of ratepayers (weighted by assessment) must support the petition in order for the BIA to continue. If renewed for 2018-2028, we will expand security coverage to 24/7 with additional staff at high demand times and make cleaning services available 7 days a week.

Over the past year we have talked with ratepayers and non-ratepayers alike. While there was input on various aspects of the program, support for its continuance was overwhelmingly favorable. The services delivered and the cost effectiveness of the program were both highlights for many ratepayers.

We will be collecting petitions through early October as we must collate them and submit them to the City of Tacoma by the end of October. After the BIA submits petitions to the City we will work on drafting the official establishment ordinance and scheduling a public hearing.

If you have any questions regarding the petitions or the renewal process, please contact David Schroedel, BIA Manager, at 253.682.1723 or davids@tacomachamber.org.